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When the Healing Gets Deep, it Transforms EVERYTHING

When the Healing Gets Deep, it Transforms Everything

When the healing gets deep,

there is sometimes

an explosion of emotion

that occurs to clear out

old energetic debris

you feel most agitated

right before you settle

into a more substantial peace.

- Yung Pueblo

As we near the end of this fanatical year, as some would call it, I think it’s imperative that we do a bit of final work clearing out the old energetic debris. We must release that which no longer serves us, just as trees release their leaves, and purpose to not carry them into their new season. This is your season of release! You are being called to transform, and this blog is focused on that aim- helping you RELEASE. I believe it has become too commonplace to think it normal to carry the baggage of the past and even the present into our future. The reality is, you will never grow past your thoughts, so the first place of transformation must occur within your mind. How can you achieve what you don't see or believe is the truth for you? How can you progress beyond your present when hyper-focused on your past? Why are you so radically shifted by the opinion of others instead of manifesting your truth?

We can learn a lot from natures process of letting go. I remember last year planting lemon trees in my garden. One thing my research taught me was to cut the small branches and leaves growing at the bottom or base of the tree; otherwise, they suck the nutrition out of the root and top of the tree. This "sucking," if not addressed, would drain nutrition from the tree, depleting its health while adversely impacting its ability to produce fruit. You see, tree suckers, just like life leeches, develop when the tree is under stress. “Suckers” give the appearance that it belongs. It is a master of disguise. It gives the impression that it is producing new growth; however, it is only there to steal nourishment from the tree. Therefore, the tree must be pruned to maintain its health, fulfill its purpose, and bear fruit. Take a moment and look outside your window and find a tree. Notice that the leaves, the birds, cobwebs, and branches that was a part of the tree through Spring, Summer, and even Fall, have now been released. The trees are not afraid of letting go of the dead weight. The trees are unapologetic about allowing the winds to come and whisp away all that no longer serves them, which may, in fact, be "sucking" the very life out of them. Letting go-release-pruning is a part of the cycle of health.

We must be intentional about ridding our being of this double consciousness that keeps us in this unbalanced state of seeing ourselves through two or dual lenses, controlled by the dominant narratives of this world and the opinions of others. It is time, my fellow earth walkers, to transcend beyond this façade of being that equates to nothingness. Why do I say nothingness, because when there is an absence of you, you fail to exist. It is time to abandon that which keeps you doing and being everything and everyone except YOU. Your heart is a masterpiece of creation, but

until you can love and accept YOU unapologetically

until you can dig deep and face the explosion of emotion that clears out all that does not align with the unadulterated you

until you courageously prune leaches from your life, be it, people, places, habits, or thoughts,

you will live in a constant state of agitation, ungratefulness, and misery. You will keep searching for everything instead of accepting and embracing YOU.

For this release practice, below are some exercises to assist you in cultivating the radical awareness required for transformation:

1. Get quiet. This can be done through the art of contemplation or through meditation. The goal is to be able to connect with God and self, so that truth can emerge.

2. Write out your internal monologue. In the book The Power of Story, Jim Loehr impresses upon us the importance of understanding our story around the following: work, family, health, happiness, and friendships. The goal is to develop an authentic story that shapes our understanding of our purpose, which is the epicenter of all our lives. Without purpose, our life has no meaning.

3. Take an inventory of:

a. Beliefs

b. Values

c. Expectations

d. Physical Possessions

e. Health

f. Habits

g. Relationships and connections

h. Commitments

i. Goals

j. Promises you have made to self and others

4. Now review what you listed above in #3 and mark off what no longer serves you or that of which you do not feel called to do. Identify all of the suckers, leeches, distractors, and time-wasters. For this activity, suspend the need to please others, and think about how completing, keeping, or performing this (habit, thought, goal, etc.) will serve you. If it is self-harming versus self-edifying, let it GO. RELEASE!

5. Make a list of pleasurable activities. As you release, I want you to also consider planting new seeds that will cultivate enjoyment and growth.

6. Prune regularly. Remember to complete this cycle at least quarterly. Remember, you are not a monolith. You are every growing, constantly evolving, birth and rebirth beyond measure. Don't allow that which does not serve you and your God-ordained purpose to steal, kill, or destroy you.

Emily Dickinson penned these words “Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul and sings tunes without words-and never stops at all.”

Never stop the journey of becoming!

I look forward to seeing YOU in the NEW Year! Many blessings!

-Dr. Sha’Leda Mirra

Photo Credits: Unsplash

[Copyright 2021, all rights reserved]

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