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The Mis(s)-Education of Me

The Mis(s)-Education of Me

In a world where expectation seems to be everything, I find that there are many who think they know me, but they, in fact, only know what they expect of me.

They spend so much time in observation, but no time in interaction; and based on this distorted perception, they investigate me~

through an obscurely tainted lens, formulating an ideal, a persona, that they assign to me.

It is their own reality, their own version, pieced together, fragmented with frantically and secretly sought out snippets of information, written with the tool of their imagination.

They then assign a name, a body; and even though they know it’s not the same, the feelings, yet, remain, and they call this form by my name,

and then, project she onto me. This masterpiece, as others see, is not me ... It’s your mis(s)-education of me.

That is your projection…… You just mis(s)ed….Me!

Author: Sha'Leda Mirra, excerpt from The Heart Centered Journey

All Rights Reserved, 2019

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