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“Our scars are our deepest stories. They tell of the wounds that brought us to this moment, and remind us that even the tough stuff we are walking through now will one day heal. Scars tell the stories of our past; inspiring others to find beauty in their wounds.” – Becky Hurting

Your scars Tell….. the beauty of the story that is you. Each scar is attached to a memory, not of pain, not of heartache, But, of resilience, to overcoming, to internal strength you never thought you possessed.

Cheers to you!

Can you change your perception for a moment and see the positively healed side of you? Can you look beyond your pain and see the beckoning call of the one who is stronger, wiser? Can you see the one who holds the world and all that is in His hands?

If you can, then you know there is strength in weakness. For God says, “When you are weak, I am strong.”

Why then do we endeavor to use every form of make-up to cover up the testimony that can bring healing to thousands.

As if, our disclosure will cause unbearable shame and harm.

Un-masking is the most significant form of self-validation, because at that moment, you assert to the world that you have fallen in love with God and the most important person, the one that matters most.

ME, because though separate, God resides in me.

Your scars triggered awareness that conversion was necessary. Your scars, led to your surrender. Your surrender led you to God. In Him, you can now live, move, and enjoy your being, your life; and smile.

Knowing that in your weakest moment, In your vulnerable moment, In your shame ridden moment, In your most painful moment,

You gained freedom, and power. You were launched into new life.

What a gift, to be transformed from the inside-out, so that others witness the beauty that you exude inside OUT.

Your scars led you to a place of healing that wasn’t isolated, but holistic ... Salubrious.

The healing power of God; synergy with He who was, is, and is yet to come,

Transformed you, so that you can now reflect Him. Your Scars. God’s Healing. Tell the story that is you.

Sha'Leda Mirra, Author

All Rights Reserved

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