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Holding Space for your Spouse

Blessed week to each of you! From our family to yours, we pray that God is sprinkling favor over you, and that God's shalom is your portion. We are continuing our series on building healthy relationships and today we are focusing on the attribute: Holding Space for One Another.

Holding space for one another is about permission. Love grants a safe space to express feelings and emotion; without judgment; practicing grace, mercy, and forgiveness. Holding space for one another is about service and sacrifice. Remember these 4 S’s: Service and Sacrifice through Sharing and Showing!

Marriage is a journey! On this journey we must remember that it takes commitment and intention to overcome the barriers that manifest and the conflicts that need resolution. We also know that over time relationships can become stale and boring if we do not find ways to keep it fresh! Minor issues become major issues, and this means that we need to hold space for our spouse by giving each other new pleasures from time to time.

The concept of being intentional about sharing and showing is called reciprocal reinforcement. When we practice reciprocal reinforcement, we are giving on purpose to our spouse MORE of what they like. Reciprocal reinforcement is not the concept of reciprocity in its normal sense- when we match energy or behaviors, but an intentional demonstration of L.O.V.E.

Watch this weeks video to learn more by clicking the link below, and don't forget to download this weeks workbook to help you be intentional about holding space for your mate!

Holding Space Workbook 2
Download PDF • 1.62MB

Have a Heart Centered week and remember to choose L.O.V.E!

Dr. Sha'

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