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Be STILL and Know

On yesterday, I posted the below bite of wisdom, to prompt us to evaluate our agitated responses. However today, I will expound on this, so that this wisdom can transform into life skills practical for application to daily life.

My soul, have you pondered these words: "Be still and know" (Psalm46:10)? In the hour of distress, you cannot hear the answers to your prayers. How often has the answer seemed to come much later! The heart heard no reply during the moment of its crying, its thunder, its earthquake, and its fire. But once the crying stopped, once the stillness came, once your hand refrained from knocking on the iron gate, and once concern for the lives of others broke through the tragedy of your own life, the long awaited reply appeared. You must rest, O soul, to receive your heart’s desire. Slow the beating of your heart over concerns for your personal care. Place the storm of your individual troubles on God’s altar of everyday trials, and the same night, the Lord will appear to you. His rainbow will extend across the subsiding flood, and in your stillness you will hear the everlasting music.- George Mattheson

You must believe that is is settled because God says so!

Nothing has ever been lost by keeping still! Understanding that often times our desire to “handle the situation” leads to hasty decisions we will later regret. Agitated responses have led to broken relationships, failed friendships, tense co-worker interactions, and internal conflict. However, if you would only step back for a moment, delay your response for a time, put down the ego and the need to transform into the self defender, you will experience how different things appear through an unagitated eye. 

What would happen, if the hurtful words spoken or actions by a spouse were not met with a reply today?

What would happen, if that boss who continues to mistreat you and spread gossip about you, was met with avoidance today?

What would happen, if that friend who failed to keep the promise they made, was met with silent forgiveness today?

Just ask yourself, what would happen if you exercised control of your tongue and decided to allow no wrong word, slips of sarcasm, or uninhibited thoughts to part your lips and say-

Things that you will later wish had remained unsaid. 

What would happen if you challenged and restructured the negative explanations posited in your head?

What would happen if you stopped and spoke peace to yourself, and decisively determined that not entering the conflict was much better for your health? 

Every battle does not deserve an appearance, allow the enemy to meet their shadow- alone.

Smile, and know vindication comes from God, and the battle is already won.

If you keep your hands clean, and speak through the mouth of the redeemed, 

You will learn that being still, with no wrong action, is all that you really need. 

So I invite you today, to practice silence. Practice not responding to hurt, pain, or disgust.

Practice joy, in the midst of trouble, knowing that it’s your choice to entertain or avoid. 

Practice writing your responses on a letter or a pad, and then sticking the note in a place where you can later review when you are not mad. 

When you do this you will find there is no need to send the note, and you may even question the feelings that triggered the hateful words that you wrote. 

If it is an email type it, but before you send, it save it as a draft, 

so you can return later and re-read it, reflect on it, and ensure that it appropriately articulates what you desire to say. 

Again, when the anger has subsided and your soul is calm, you will find that you will not need it, 

And make a purposed decision to simply just delete it. 

Silence, stillness is the most powerful things conceivable at times.  

Things look so differently in past-tense because we then recognize, understand, make allowances for, much more than you did before,

And that which initially agitated you, fails to exert the power to still your joy.

The choice to be still has the power to change your world.

Because, stillness and silence are great peacemakers. 

-ShaLeda Mirra

January 23, 2017

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It is the quietest and stillest of moments that we hear God the loudest. Be still and know that God IS

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