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Life is a journey that you will travel. You can be a willing participant and co-laborer with God, following His lead to your divine destination or, you can wander aimlessly through life arriving at a destination of regret. The reality is, we all start this journey feeling lost. They key is to come to the realization that you are lost, and then seek the divine roadmap for your destiny.


This roadmap will renew your courage to repossess the pen of divine stewardship that God has given to you! The time for unveiling the authentic you is NOW. It is time to join in with God, you as the author and Jesus Christ as the narrator, to take daily steps towards becoming YOU. The world is waiting for the YOU that you were created to be. This journey, your Heart Centered Journey, will be the expedition of a lifetime! Are you ready for the discovery?  Are you ready to walk in the footsteps of Jesus, toward your promised land? He’s waiting!


Rev. Sha’Leda Mirra is a wife, mother, pastor, preacher, licensed therapist, author, motivational speaker, and life coach who has dedicated the past five years of her life educating the African American community on mental wellness and emotionally healthy spirituality. She devotes her life to empowering people to develop an intimate relationship with God, so that they can discover their authentic self, and become pre-destination manifestation.



The Heart Centered Journey

  • The presale for The Heart Centered Journey begins August 1, 2019. All orders will be shipped on or after September 16, 2019. 

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