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Heart Centered Journal- November

Inside of us, there's a continual autumn. Our leaves fall and are blown out over the water.- Rumi

As many of you know, my spirit thrives when the morning chill meets my face during my early strolls with my doggie Coco-Skai. My autumnal vibes radiate brightly like the sun rays shining through the densely layered fog, reminding me that nothing can dim the light that God places in our lives. As I look up in a posture of contemplation, I am reminded that as the earthly seasons change, so do the seasons of life. What would happen if it was summer...ALWAYS? What about spring? Winter? What would happen if there was no dawn after the darkest of nights? My heart bows in humble devotion while uttering prayers of gratitude to God, for... the cyclical nature of life, for... where God has brought me from, where I am now, and the seasons that lie ahead of me. Each moment of reflection strengthens me, for I realize all that I have overcome, and the present presence of God gives me so much hope. The steps of the righteous are ordered by the Lord, therefore we do not have to be anxious, but thankful that all things that occur on this journey called life, will work TOGETHER for our good. This month, I challenge you to take every opportunity to express gratitude to God and to self. In fact, in honoring self you are honoring God. I have created a small journal (yes... for FREE) to help you focus on this challenge. Plan at least 15 minutes daily to reflect and express! Reflect on your life- and express gratitude for each moment you are here. Make everyday a day where you express your GRATITUDE. Have a beautiful November, seekers of the Heart.

-Dr. Mirra

Heart Centered Gratitude Nov 21 RE
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