Ultimate Submission

Father, Into your hands I commit my Spirit: Luke 23:46- The Seventh of the Last Sayings of Jesus

We know the number seven is the number of completion and this is in fact, exactly what we see here-PERFECT COMPLETION; The perfect picture of submission, into the hands of perfection- Into the hands of the OMEGA who is the END.

In this passage, there is much to glean as we see exemplified three very important events occurring:
1. We see the completed works of Salvation on the Cross- after this prayer is uttered; Salvation is completed and for the believer, sin is abolished forever!
2. We see Jesus early ministry come to a close as He returns to the Father, Jehovah God for rest after a weary but rewarding journey.
3. We see that these last seven words to His Father were indeed a prayer- a request for acceptance, protection- A prayer of expectation and a profession of TRUST that God the Father will take care of Him.

Let’s use the brilliance of our minds for a moment and imagine this exchange of dialogue between our Savior and our Father; A Son to His Father; as He breathes His last breath, as He surrenders Himself to the One to whom He trusts to care for Him. A Son, talking intimately to His Father; A Son, magnifying the trusting nature of His Father… With His last breath, He makes the ultimate submission of all that He is, to His Father in Heaven. He commits all of His humanity and all of His Divinity to the Father Declaring- My Father, what you have requested of me is COMPLETE and now to you I return.

To commit means to yield
To give over; to give oneself
To relinquish authority
To surrender
To cast it all
To concede
To Submit

There is no safer place , no more trusting place, no more fulfilling place to be than in the Hands of our Heavenly Father. And because of Jesus and His ultimate show of unconditional love, we can now make this same declaration….

Walk with me now on a journey far away from home, in a world unknown.
And while on that journey, though your only intent was to give, all you received was selfishness, deceit, blasphemy, disrespect; you are met with ridicule, false accusations, unjust trials, and you were beaten and abused.

Imagine being the Messiah, walking on earth with your creation; and only being able to communicate your true identity to a humble few;
and yet still ponder whether they even have an understanding of who you are
and the great sacrifice made for you to be with them walking side by side.
Imagine our Savior who came unto His own and His own recieved Him not.
And yet He decided to tarry, to provide an example of what should be and what should NOT

After all of the pain, heartache, frustration, after all of the expended compassion, and unconditional love;
After all the sins of the world were placed onto His shoulders- every sin, for every man, for all eternity;
He still went to the cross!

On this cross, feeling for a moment forsaken by His heavenly Father as He had to turn His back while the blood stained iniquity covered his dear innocent son. IMAGINE- AFTER ALL OF THIS- He was then able to commit- His Spirit,
to return home to a place with his Father and friends, His rightful place;
A PLACE where He belonged.
A place of vindication; a place of ultimate protection- a place where the scorn of evil and rejection is not longer a possible subjection-

A place where everyone is smiling and joy truly unfolds; A final and eternal resting place in the hands of the ones that we love. A place…O what a place to be to commit- But in order to commit Church
While on this side we must Submit

To Gods will
To doing it God’s Way
To walking the journey with Him- Each and Every day
To remaining fervent to call for which you have been called
To give your all to Him- Surrendered- because anything short if this is to give nothing at all

Jesus taught us on this side what it meant to truly yield; not to our desires but only to do our masters will
To slow down and to listen; and to humbly remain still;
He gives you directions to work, speak, preach, and to Heal

Look to this message church and see all that our Savior endured; it wasn’t for His benefit but because of His unmatchless love for you
So I leave you with three points to apply in your life
1. Submit yourself to God
2. Repent and Turn from your wicked ways
3. Commit to Him on this side- so when the time has come for you to die- you will be able to say Lord I
I commit my Spirit, and I expect to meet you on High.

-Father…… into YOUR Hands…. I…. Commit MY SPIRIT!

-Sha’Leda Mirra
Photo Credits: Footprints in the Sand.