The Beautiful Unknown- An Inspiration

As I sit here just a few minutes shy of midnight, listening to the melodic Harold Judd and watching the aerial views on my Apple TV, I find myself nostalgizing about my future. For a moment I am displaced, dissociated with the present, walking in time to a place that only my eyes allow me to experience. And though my mind is being stimulated by the beautiful unknown, I so long to be in a different place, a different time, a place unknown but yet so familiar I feel as if I am standing there.

The skyline so serene- is this what it is like to dream- to crave a reality and a destiny that God has planned but you have not quite seen?
I’m longing, an unquenchable thirst to get where I have not yet been. I’m longing to tread the path, being lost in the wonder of inquisition and breathing the air of suspicion, being uncomfortable but yet so free. Being inspired by the vastness of this great mystery.

I am here- flying on the back of an eagle; eyes wide open, as I fly over all that yet awaits me. Im so excited that I want to jump, scared but daring at the same time. So many times, God gives us the vision and the tools and instead of trusting and running with them, allowing to make manifest that which God desires for us to possess, we hold on to them and store them in a place of protection and soon enough, we forget about them. The dream, the vision is a tool. It’s a microscope to which you have been granted permission to look through, if only to catch a small glimpse of the journey ahead. Why swallow the seed that God gave you to plant; the seed that will create a harvest for you and yet, because of your temporary situation and the hunger you feel, you swallow the dream. It is gone, never to return, and you are left just as hopeless as you began.

We must not cease to dream because despite what you may believe, life is much more than what it seems. The only limitations placed on you are the limitations you place on yourself. If you are wondering why you have not yet achieved what it is you’ve dreamed, ask yourself. The answer to the question lies within you. Stop blaming others, stop projecting, stop making excuses. Either do it, or don’t! The holder of the key is You! Are you afraid to take the journey into the beautiful unknown? Do you trust God enough that the vision that seems like the a scene on a tv screen may one day be you if you only believe? Is it to farfetched to embrace the blessings of God, embrace the grace, the mercy, the pleasure, and the awe? What would it take, for you to just take a step, to commit to the journey no matter the test. To set a goal date with Jesus himself, to walk into the beautiful unknown.

-ShaLeda Mirra
Copyright Material (all rights reserved)
April 11, 2017