I Shall NOT Wander in the Dark

There are many times that we wander aimlessly into the day, with minds that are as dark as night; with no illumination, not even from the lesser light. We have no idea of what awaits us, no conceptualization or understanding of time, no purpose, and no real intention. Our day starts as “a hot mess!” We wake up late, have no idea what is on our calendar for the day, work from the agenda of others, and at the close of the day we question whether what we have accomplished was truly in line with our desires and aspirations. Where is the direction? Where is the focus? Where is the purpose? Where is the the light of illumination?

Have you ever taken a moment to think about this recurring pattern and theme that surrounds your life? What are your behaviors saying about you? Have you ever engaged in a level of introspection so deep and authentic, that you realize that who you have become, is not who you envisioned yourself to be? Take a moment to recognize that navigating through life is like driving a ship. If you don’t become the captain of your ship, if you don’t plan your course with intention, you will either arrive at a destination defined by someone else, or you will drift aimlessly no where! Either way, it is a destination truly unknown.

Have you ever asked yourself “who am I” and “what is my purpose?” Are you ready for a veracious answer. Maybe you just might find that you don’t begin to measure up to the visual that God placed deep on the inside of you. Why? You have been chasing your will instead of His will. Check your pulse! Refocus to the rate and depth of your breath! Where is the love and self appreciation that you owe yourself? Where is the Y.O.U that is created in the image of God? Whatever stumbling block you identify as a barrier, can be moved, with purposed intent.

It’s okay to make the choice to begin….again! Filling the empty well with God ordained affirmations of your truly authentic character, versus the perpetuation and speculation of a society who has no conception of what it truly means to be Y.O.U. Choose today to look and see yourself in the mirror. Embrace your flaws as an improvement plan that preps you in this season for the journey that lies ahead. Choose today, to hold yourself to a standard of grace, and not perfection, and realize that you are in competition with no one, but are a confirmation of the One! You must understand that the expectations of others, that you allow yourself to be entrapped by, were not placed on you by force! Instead of setting boundaries, healthy and holistic, you allowed those brick walled expectations of others, to be placed around your territory! Now, you question both your ability, and growth! Others question your integrity, and your word! If this is your reality, take a step back and re-evaluate your destination. While the road is not going to be easy, the pleasure and satisfaction of doing what you love should be enough motivation to get you through the stale and tiresome moments. Remember… the only thing that can be better is Y.O.U.

You are in a league of your own…literally! With over 7.4 billion people in the world, there is not another you! So take off the carefully constructed image called perfection, that has left you wandering on the dark road to someone else’s destination. It’s okay to live in the light! Its okay to be Y.O.U. No longer do you have to hide those aspects of you that you feel are not perfect in the sight of others. If it is permission that you need, I grant it to you now, today, I give you permission to be authentically Y.O.U.

Authenticity relates to the ability to stand for, embrace and pursue that which is meaningful, valuable and an accurate representation of who or what an individual believes him or herself to be. What do you stand for? What is meaningful and valuable to you? Are you representing Y.O.U or is that yet another mask we see?

In the face of a societal standard that is biased towards the diversity that is inherent among us, impeding the ability and agility of accepting without judgment, the varying differences and the humor God felt in creating humanity; hold up your banner of Grace and Light! Don’t strive for the darkness of perfection, strive for the light of self-exploration, self-appreciation, self-love! Feeling worthy to simply be you! Let self love permeate your being, allow self acceptance, and godly alignment to seep from your pores! Walk with the sway of the wind, head held high, shoulders broad, because you are propped by almighty God!

Make a intentional choice! Affirm, I SHALL NOT wander in the dark! You are one purposed decision away from the one change that is necessary to change everything!

February 15, 2017
Sha’Leda Mirra
Photo Credits: Emily Ley Grace not Perfection