The Seasons of Life

Recently we have heard a plethora of gospel songs proclaming that it is a season of blessings, a season of favor, and a season of prosperity. As a child, I remember playing some old records that my mom acquired from a friend, and in these records was the most beautiful gospel music I have heard to date. I recall hearing this song by an unknown singer with the following lyrics:
-There is a time for everything, and there is a season
-God has planned everything, and He has a reason
-A time to laugh and a time to cry, a time to be born and a time to die,
-There is a time for everything, everything.

So as I reminisce to the most innocent and yet confusing moments of my life, I can’t help but replay a series of events strung together with some connection, some semblance to each other. Some of the historical events were pleasant, such as friendships developed, meeting my husband, having my daughters, and finishing my college degrees. However, in looking at the pleasant memories, I am reminded of the eventful and painful events of my past; those that taught me lessons that, though in the moment seemed unfair, assisted in the molding and reshaping of who I am now, a better person. As I sit here blogging, replaying these thoughts in my head, I am gaining a clearer picture and a thorough understanding of what a “Season” actually is. Sure, we know that seasons refer to four particular times of year that are characterized by weather changes and a prodigy that even shortens or lengthens available daylight hours. Each season is distinct, characteristic of certain phenomena, and has both its positive and negative aspects. We immediately think of the 15 degree weather of winter that kills all of the plant life and shrubbery in our yards, or the 110 degree heat of summer that we Floridians experience that keeps us indoors instead of enjoying the outdoors. But, there is much more to understand about the word season, as applied to our inner self, as it speaks to major markers and life altering experiences in our lives. Each season has benefits, and lessons to be learned.

Just as the word of God admonishes us to pay attention to the seasons of nature so we can prepare for the coming change, so too shall we observe the seasons in our lives, in order to prepare for change while learning the necessary elements for promotion and elevation. As noted by Tony Gaskins Jr during one of his motivational talks, there is a time of separation, for the preparation, that is needed for future elevation*. So the questions I am posing to each of you today is; What season are you in? Are you able to recognize this season? Lets spend a moment ruminating about the season of separation and preparation, as we know these seasons are resultant in elevation. As I kneeled in prayer, God poured these words into my spirit:

-It has been foretold you to learn of and pay particular attention to what is going on around you, in this season!
-The lessons are necessary for where I am taking you! They are necessary for equipping.
-Nothing happens by happenstance; walk separated: walk in the spirit so that you can behold the great and marvelous things I have in store for you!
-Some lessons are hard because every season has its toils and snares but if you trust in me , I will use all things for your GOOD!
-I am the orchestrator of life: I am He who makes the wind blow and the tree to produce the oxygen needed for the survival of man.
-He who abides in me will not only prosper but flourish far surpassing those of mediocre stance.
-From your bosom shall flow that which you never thought achievable, making your dreams look minuscule in comparison to my plans.
-A season is necessitated by my equipping, beginning first with separation and a closer relationship with me; and then the ability with eyes to see in the spiritual realm, to see a path that is not observable to the naked human eye.
-I AM He who causes the mountains to form and the sky to produce rain! I AM He, who thought of, ordered, and created, this world and all that you see in it!
-Am I not more than capable of creating a life for you that touches and revives every sense in your body; bringing glowing pleasure and delight?
-Bringing overflow so maginificent that you are lost in amazement, and know this level of provision ONlY comes from I ?
-Am I not the God of your forefathers, the one who preordained you from the foundation of the world- who fashioned the very texture of your skin and the very cusp of your lip?
– Am I not He that sets angelic protection and girds your loins when the enemy mounts!
-Am I not He that sets you on the wings of an eagle, so that the precision with which you see and the viewpoint from which you discern is supernatural! Am I HE?

Observe in this season, discern in this season, feel in this season, smell in this season, recognize in this season, embrace in this season, collect pebbles in this season, grow in this season, be in this season. In this season, watch, listen, recollect, write, partake, enjoy, be silent, laugh, touch, smell, visualize, become memorized, be deliberate, be purposed, be free.

Enjoy the season of parenthood, employment, and spiritual growth. Despise not, small beginnings! Why, because even in the dreary and rainy days, like today, there is a benefit and something to learn. Even in the pain and disappointment there is a valuable lesson to be learned applicable later in life. Embrace and live in the current season, don’t try to rush to the next season, because once this season has passed it will never return again.

What season is it on the outside? What season is it….on the inside? Pay attention, learn the lessons, be ye separated, invest in purposed preparation, and I promise your elevation will exceed your expectation!

-ShaLeda Mirra
January 7, 2017

*Tony Gaskins Motivational Talk January 5, 2017