And…… the point of it ALL!

As I sit here this morning, drinking my cup of zen tea, meditating and planning for today, the question arose in my mind, what is the point of it all? Being bombarded by multiple roles, demands, the expectations of friends, family, and even strangers, is enough to make one ponder….what is the point of it all? Not only is it the expectations, but the multitude of conjectures that juxtapose one another in every facet, that they clearly cause more confusion than one cares to deal with.  Again, one is left to ponder, what is the point of it all? What I have found in my study of human interaction and relationships it that we are often allowing projections of others to formulate our realities. This mirage that you see, that others have built, looks nothing like the authentic you. In fact, the very thought of this mirage makes you question the very essence of who you are begging the question, what have I projected that provided the tools for those around me to create this statue of nothingness? This is when real introspection, deep soul searching, is required. Why, because somewhere along the way a piece of your being, your soul was lost; or maybe it became convoluted, so watered down that the traces of you are mere at best. You are unrecognizable to even yourself. Introspection will allow you to tap into your soul, where the authenticity that God used to create you resides. Introspection will remind you that you are Imago Dei, made in the image of the post powerful force ever to exist. Introspection will open your eyes to the duplicitous nature that you have been living, and re-birth the essence of who you are, transforming you into who God desires for you to become.  You will begin to desire. You will begin to truly feel. Turning off the environmental auto-pilot, you will see life differently, through the lenses of Y.O.U. Danielle Laporte, in her book entitled The Desire Map, notes that knowing you and how you actually want to feel is the most potent form of clarity that you can have. The reason we are confused and blind, is because we just simply do not know and do not honor ourselves. Feeling and desire is a part of knowing who we are, and serves as a compass for navigation to our future destination. Introspection then, prompts us to return to the core of our feelings, exploring our desires and then comparing what is found to the autopilot of the mirage that WAS…you. We must remember that it is not about approval, it is not about meeting expectations that are not your own, nor expectations that are not yours to fulfill, it’s about achieving a genuine connection…with Y.O.U. Laporte notes, behind every desire is a feeling and your feelings lead to your soul. Your soul is where communion with God lies. Awareness of feelings and desires is what’s often missed or even suppressed in a world dictated by everyone…but Y.O.U! So, stop faking it to be anybody, you are SOMEBODY truly special, unique, and created with a purpose. Don’t allow others, to cause you to lose Y.O.U. Value inner attunement more than outer attainment. When we are aligned with who God created us to be, we then become an unstoppable force!

So the point of it all is Y.O.U. Begin to find yourself, revive yourself, and transform yourself. Then you can live a life of pleasure, peace and joy, achieving all that you thought possible…and more! The first step is introspection, identifying the mirage and comparing it to the desire and feelings birthed on the inside of you! Once you have, journal your findings so that you can then move to step two which is identifying the disconnect.


Reference: The Desire Map by Danielle Laporte